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About me

At the moment, as an artist, I am working mostly with clay, though I enjoy almost any medium as the mood takes me. Sometimes I concentrate wholly on my ceramic pieces; the next month I may only work on one of my art boxes; the following week I might get the urge to make art jewellery or to design a T-shirt or handbag ... every day has to be a creative day.

In the 1970s I was your typical Rock Chick making a living by designing and making exuberant clothing for various Rock stars and their families. In the following decades I had my own children's designer clothing business, then I was an agent for artists and illustrators and later worked in the book publishing world. Since 2004 I have concentrated on creating my own art, whether it's a small individual piece or a large public art installation.

Some of my art projects

Installed in July 2012 - The Estuary in the foyer of The Sheldrake Restaurant on The Dee Estuary in Lower Heswall on The Wirral. This is an 18 foot long ceramic and glass wall art piece, topped with a poem about the estuary, pressed into the clay. The theme was the estuary and its wild beauty - the restaurant being a jewel in a perfect setting. This was another successful collaboration between Leandra Holder and Chris Turrel-Watts.

In summer 2011 - Glass Butterfly Tree installation at New Ferry Butterfly Park on The Wirral, created by Leandra Holder and Chris Turrell-Watts. 50 larger than life dichroic glass butterflies, made by Leandra and Chris, were hung from a flowering hawthorn tree. The theme was rebirth and rejuvenation (of a former industrial site.)

Sept – Nov 2010 - Art Merseywide – The Best of the Open Exhibitions” at the National Conservation Centre Liverpool. Leandra Holder showed one of her mixed media boxes titled “Dreaming of Friends Past.” The theme was brought about by Leandra thinking about friends from the past and how many of them had completely disappeared, despite Facebook and the internet. Constructed from wood, a clay modelled figure and many clay faces, plus cloth, paper, rubber and glass. As with all her boxes, it had electric lighting inside the box.

Summer 2009 ¯ “XXX” exhibition at The Fusion Art Museum in New York. Leandra Holder showed a mixed media box titled “He Called Her A Bitch When She Left Him To Go Travelling.” The theme was steam-punk time-travel, an idea that has always intrigued Leandra since reading The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. Constructed from old watch parts, a clay modelled figure, wood, glass and found objects. Electric lighting powered by batteries.

Summer 2008 – The Sefton Open at The Atkinson Gallery Southport. Leandra Holder was a cash prize winner and her mixed media box titled “Inside The Blue House”, was bought for the permanent collection of the gallery. Inspired by the life of Frida Kahlo, whose work Leandra admires. Constructed from wood, clay, fabrics and found objects. Electric lighting.

December 2007 – “Handmade Christmas Gift Bazaar” - There's something for every member of your family. Find our most popular Xmas gifts for her - DIY jewelry projects and learn step by step to make the perfect gift.

October 2006 – “Somewhere” An Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture in Lewis's Department Store window. Leandra showed a small smoked carved porcelain skull - formed from female figures seemingly draped together to give the impression of a skull - based on an installation by Dali, where he used real women instead of clay.

If you have questions please contact me: info@leandraholder.co.uk

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Jewelry has now become an integral part of dressing in this age. The need for unique jewelry has grown over time making handmade jewelry important. There are various basic skill that can be very useful when making the handmade jewelry. These basic techniques differ from one jewelry to another.

With the right requirements it is very easy to come up with some unique items in the market. This range from earrings to necklaces to bracelets to anklet all which are available in various places. Some of these requirements include strings, clay, rings and in most cases beads. With these you can be able to make just about anything from friendship bracelets to promise necklaces to even some of your own jewelry.

When making jewelry there are few things you need to look into so as to make the best jewelry that will fit the occasion and purpose. These things include;

Decide what type of jewel you want to make

This will help you decide what method you will use in the making of the jewelry. You can decide to crochet, braid, knit, quilt or do some bead work depending on your interests. This can also tell whether the jewelry you are making will be cool, sophisticated or just simple. This though does not put an ultimatum in what you are doing, you can later on change to something else to make other types of jewelry

Master some basic techniques

After making a decision you now have to have the basic skills of making the jewelry. This depends on what materials you are using.

When using metal you have to know how to make loops with the right equipment such as pliers. You also need to learn how to close a jump ring. When using clay, you have to be able to make the perfect models and be able to join the models together. For this to wok you have to have the right equipment for all of that. In the case of beads learn how to make good designs, arrange the beads and use strings to join them together. You also need to learn some basic techniques such as how to make loops, knots and rings.

Once you get the techniques required to make the right jewelry and the right material, it is now time to sit down and make the jewelry.

Remember to make the right knots and loops when making the jewelry. This may take time to get it right. Do not get discouraged. It takes time and commitment to get it right. Most of what you do first may be so bad. Depending on what you want, will determine just how much time and work you have to put in. it will also determine the complexity of what you do.

These jewelry will be awesome to wear. With the different art you make you will find that it gets better and easier with time. Jewelry can be made from the simplest of materials around including paper. Over time you get to learn more designs and techniques to use.

Jewelry making can open many doors both professionally and socially.